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I also love to run of challenging projects of different characters.All which deal with valuable and sustainable high tech, with people and nature or other complex issues coming along with sense and ambition.



These may be contents far off of construction: Starting with a scientific research all the way to a prototype project or the organising of a huge event.

If these are these the basics of you project: We should talk !

Each project has it's own character and it's always about similar basic structures:


First I do listen to you, analyse your demands and do give a rough structure to the process.

Once appointed I take over full responsibilty for all given tasks, as where the basic decisions surely always stay with you.

I do seek and find the right experts for your project and finally build the fitting and an efficient team. This team will be led by me, always having a clear focus on your target.

In the end you find a finished product, object, concept or something similar and proper documentation.

ALL Dee3 projects

do have a similar

basic structure !

D·Style stands for my, for „Dee's“ ( Dieter Kienholz ) very typical signature, which has it's outcome in the brand "Deelux". Here as well DEE3 is authentic : Close to nature, also enjoying to be modern or feven futuristic and absolutely not scared of technology. Architecture in all it's facettes, industrial design, landscape architecture and far more. The results are just mind blowing as well as unconconventional.

Simply : Deelux ! Curious ? Just click the logo below !!!

Where your dream comes true !

Your PROJEcT ...


... shall satisfy your very spezial and individual demands or make a very special idea happen. Imagine your personal manager takes over full responsibility, precisely according to your wishes !

and you ... just Relaaax

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